I’m a huge fan of men’s accessories and have had many styles and types of wallets. The current wallet I am using is made by Open Sea Leather Co. It is a minimalistic design but still has room for a few extra cards. The specific wallet that I have is the Houbei 2.0 in the olive color. The other wallet pictured is the Top Sider in chestnut with blue stitching. The Houbei has the option of choosing two colors of leather for a split tone effect. Both version you get to choose which leather and which stichting you would like.

The difference between the two is that the Houbei 2.0 has an additional inner pocket and an exterior pocket. The exterior pocket is great to hold my ID as I need in when I’m going in and out of work past a checkpoint so it’s easily accessed. When traveling I keep my RFID train card on it to easily scan at the gates.

Both wallets can hold cards and cash. The cash simply folds over with the fold of the wallet; although I typically don’t carry much cash on me. They are lightweight, and definately quality made products. I’ve really enjoy it and for the ammount of cards I keep the Houbei 2.0 is perfect.

If you’re interest in getting one of the two yourself or another one of their styles you can check them out on their website https://www.osleather.com/

My shoe of choice is either my MACV-1 boots by Go Ruck or my black and gum Ballistic trainers by Go Ruck.   I own two pairs of MACV-1; one pair that I wear at work that are tan leather than the black ones pictured here. I also have a pair of Nike air prestos that I wear quite often too.

I’ve used the MACV-1 s in all sorts of terrain,  initially I loved then but as I started using them more and more often in slippery terrain I stopped liking them so much.   They just wern’t performing in crap terrain.  I later had my black ones resoled while in Korea and they now have a more aggressive footprint that should prevent me from sliding.

I’m still in the search for a quality pair of everyday boot that I can wear out on adventures and that will make do in most situations that I may find myself in while traveling.  Let me know if there is a boot that you are partial to!

MACV-1 – Black Leather – 6"

Ballistic Trainers