My shoe of choice is either my MACV-1 boots by Go Ruck or my black and gum Ballistic trainers by Go Ruck.   I own two pairs of MACV-1; one pair that I wear at work that are tan leather than the black ones pictured here. I also have a pair of Nike air prestos that I wear quite often too.

I’ve used the MACV-1 s in all sorts of terrain,  initially I loved then but as I started using them more and more often in slippery terrain I stopped liking them so much.   They just wern’t performing in crap terrain.  I later had my black ones resoled while in Korea and they now have a more aggressive footprint that should prevent me from sliding.

I’m still in the search for a quality pair of everyday boot that I can wear out on adventures and that will make do in most situations that I may find myself in while traveling.  Let me know if there is a boot that you are partial to!

MACV-1 – Black Leather – 6"

Ballistic Trainers